S A X O N I A - F R A N K E



With years of experience, we are committed to supporting clients in all stages of the development process – from the initial idea to the transition to serial production. Our goal is to provide technical support and expertise, enabling you to transform your ideas into quality, functional products.


Development of a New Product

The process begins with an idea, which we then shape into a draft. This is followed by product design, injection simulation, 3D printing, prototype tool making, and a series of tests. Each step is carefully planned and executed to ensure technical efficiency and functionality of the final product.


Development of an Existing Product

We often receive requests from clients for the production of already developed products. Our task is to propose improvements for product and process optimization – industrialization, based on our experience and computer-aided analyses. A feasibility study is conducted, allowing the client to adjust the product for serial production.


State-of-the-Art Software

In product development, we use the latest software such as Cimatron for designing and Moldex3D for injection simulation. These technological tools allow for precise planning, analysis, and optimization of production processes, ensuring high quality and reliability of our products.