S A X O N I A - F R A N K E



Our construction department works closely with the development department to create 3D tool models and the necessary technical documentation for tool production. This synergistic operation allows for precise planning and development of tools, which are crucial for efficient and high-quality production.  

Initial Development Phase

In the initial development phase, we create a DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and a detailed simulation of injection molding, shrinkage, and deformation of the product. These steps are key to ensuring that the products will meet the technical specifications and quality standards in production.

Construction of Serial Tools

The final construction of serial tools incorporates all the findings obtained from the test tool, reducing the time from making the first samples to the start of mass production. This approach ensures an efficient transition from the development phase to mass production, while reducing costs and production time.

Use of State-of-the-Art Software

For tool construction, we use the most advanced software Cimatron, while for injection molding simulation we use Moldex3D. This advanced software allows for exceptional precision and optimization in all phases of construction and simulation, which is crucial for ensuring the high quality of our products and services.