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Tooling and Maintenance

Tooling and Maintenance

Our highly skilled and experienced toolers work with utmost precision, enabling the production of superior tools and ensuring the smooth manufacturing of quality products.

Production of Prototype and Series Tools

We manufacture both prototype and multi-cavity series tools for plastic injection molding to meet our own production needs.

Maintenance of Tools in Series Production

In our tooling department, we also maintain tools in series production. Each tool is thoroughly inspected, maintained, and prepared in a timely manner before a new series, ensuring flawless operation throughout its lifespan.

State-of-the-Art Equipment for Precise Manufacturing

High precision in manufacturing is achieved using the following state-of-the-art machines: +GF+ Mikron for milling, +GF+ Agie for EDM and wire erosion, MAZAK for turning, and JUNG for surface grinding.

Use of Cimatron Software for NC Programming

As in tool construction, we also use Cimatron for NC programming – avoiding the need for conversion into a neutral 3D file, thereby ensuring the highest processing quality.

Use of Quality Materials for Tool Parts

Tool parts are crafted from the highest quality steels, and, when necessary, coated to enhance efficiency.